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Welcome to Sedona Mosaic School Web site.


SMS just established in the fall of 2010. The school teaches students the ancient art of painting with stone, smalti or any other type of decorative material. SMS offers world-class mosaic workshops and customized classes to all skill levels art students of all ages .

The SMS is located in the heart of beautiful Sedona, AZ. One of the most scenic and inspiring artistic town in USA. The Director of the school is Delfina Valentini, a well known mosaic and painting artist. Delfina Valentini, originally from Italy, has been creating classic and contemporary mosaic artworks for private collectors and interior designers since early 1990. She has studied mosaic with well known italian masters Carlo Meloni and Brando. She is affiliated to SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artist), CMA (Contemporary Mosaic Art), AAA (Arizona Art Alliance) and WVAC (West Valley Art Council) . She has received several recognition in her country of origin and in USA.